"I always knew that I wanted to have a doula with me for the birth of my second child. However, I had no idea just how invaluable the work of a skilled doula could be until I met Whitney. She was thoughtful and knowledgeable during our prenatal visits. After the visits, my husband and I felt very prepared and confident that we would be able to have the birth experience we were hoping for.  The key reason for his was Whitney's assured manner, calming presence, and superb listening skills.  On the day of my child's birth, she brought these qualities and skills to our house and the hospital.

Whitney also helped my family with postpartum care. She was amazing! She arrived each day fully present and ready to help.  No job was too big or too small and she again demonstrated how her presence makes everything go more smoothly.  One could not ask for a better doula." 

- Gina F. 


"Hiring Whitney as our birth doula was the best decision we made while preparing for the arrival of our son. I will always be grateful to her for getting me ready to give birth and for the support she provided during a long, difficult labor. In the end, I was able to have the natural birth I envisioned and much of that is thanks to Whitney.

I could go on and on about her, but I will try to keep my praises concise.

Whitney is one of the most dependable people I’ve ever met. She does everything she says she will do and then some. Leading up to the birth, she was punctual and fully present in all our interactions with her. And during the labor and 4.5 hours of pushing, she never left my side. She stayed present and actively supported me the entire time. She was amazing.

Whitney is a warm, generous and caring person who really listens to you. She takes time to get to know you, which helps to build the confidence and trust that you will need once labor is underway. 

Whitney is sharp. She is not only knowledgable, but curious. Any questions we had, she was quick to provide us with research material and objective points of view. She supports whatever you choose to do with that information.

And after the birth of our son, she was fantastic as a postpartum support. We don’t have family nearby, so having her care for all three of us when we returned home was very comforting. She helped us process the amazing events of childbirth, fed us the most delicious food we’d had in weeks and gave us valuable information on caring for our newborn. 

The last thing I’ll say is that I’m so grateful that when I think back on the birth of my son, I’ll always be happy that Whitney was there for us."

-Erin R. 


"Whitney assisted us with the birth of our second baby. She helped us achieve our goal to have a natural vaginal birth with minimal medical intervention. 

We knew from our first meeting with Whitney that she would be a welcome presence during labor and the delivery of our baby. She is perceptive, confident, resourceful, and passionate. In our prenatal meetings she helped us refine and articulate our goals for birth. 

When labor started, Whitney was readily available by phone and text. My labor progressed quickly and we met her at the hospital just 2 hours after my first contraction. She arrived with her bag of tricks that were valuable throughout labor. Whitney was able to anticipate comfort measures I might need (heat packs, cold washcloths, a knee pad for kneeling in the shower) and coached me through different positions and vocalizations to keep my body relaxed and minimize pain. Whitney was also a great support for my husband, making suggestions for his involvement and never taking over his role as my birth partner. 

Whitney was an invaluable part of our birth experience and we recommend her services without reservation."

- Curry & Pedro                                                                                                                                             


"Whitney is the sweetest postpartum doula you will find. She was a great help for us in the first few weeks when things were very challenging. She is a great listener and provided us with much needed support. Having her here with me when my husband was at work was of tremendous help. She would look after the baby so that I could take a shower or a nap, she would offer doing chores and running errands, would come with me to my lactation consultations, for walks with the baby, etc.. and she offered lots of advice and expertise on newborn care. Having her help and support made me feel much more confident with the baby and with myself as a mom, and both me and my husband can't recommended her enough. Thanks Whitney!"

- Lucia & Dave 


"Whitney is an absolute gem. I had an extremely long and difficult labor, and we had no help from family at the very beginning. I was nervous about having someone I did not know in our small home so soon after birth, but my fears were unfounded. Whitney was kind, supportive, and unobtrusive - and she was a step ahead of me, figuring out things I needed when I did not have the time or energy to instruct her and giving myself and my partner much-needed breaks. She provided emotional support and helped with errands, light cleaning and meal prep, self-care/healing, and baby-care. And Whitney was super efficient to boot, money well-spent!"

- Eliza B. 


"Preparing for the birth of my third baby, I was really hoping for the chance to have a natural birthing experience. Unfortunately, I had been persuaded to get induced and have an epidural for my first two. I wasn't aware of the options I had back then. When I met Whitney I wasn't planning on having a Doula at my birth, but I loved the idea and went ahead to make her part of the plan. Now, looking back, I think that was the best decision we made and if I did this again I would definitely want Whitney to be at my side! The prenatal visits with Whitney were very informative. She gave me such good insight on the many choices I have when giving birth - things I did not think of on my own. The other great thing with meeting with Whitney was that the information she shared with me got me so excited to give birth and really took a lot of my fear away. You never know what to expect the day that baby chooses to finally come. 

There were so many things that happened that were not part of the plan. Whitney was totally there when I needed her and stayed with me until I felt like everything was OK. I had to be induced again, but this time I was able to make a better decision about how that happened and still in the end was able to have a natural birth. In our case, I had her leave the hospital until I started active labor. She came back exactly when I wanted her to be there. Her presence really kept me going and determined not to give up. She was amazing at motivating me and her enthusiasm kicked my partner into gear so he started to cheer me on as well. Their praises and encouragement was so valuable and really gave me the strength to go on. I never felt so blessed and supported. She was an amazing asset to my delivery team. I was able to be totally present when our precious little girl came into this world. Words cant describe what a joyous moment in our life that was. I very much feel like I wouldn't have had the same experience without Whitney's knowledge and support on my side."

- Dolores G. 


“Whitney, those postpartum weeks that you were with us were definitely the most trying times I've ever had in my life (sleep deprivation, c-section recovery, edema recovery, struggle and guilt with breastfeeding/pumping, etc.). Thank you for taking care of my newborn son, providing me with support in my physical and emotional recovery and straightening the home. Your efforts went a long way in getting me on track to feeling "normal" again and instilling confidence in me as a new mom. I can't imagine where I'd be if you weren't with us! Thank you for being an excellent doula!”

- Serena H. 


"Whitney assisted me and my husband during our home birth and was a JOY to work with. She is so calming and attentive and truly knows how to hold space for the labor to unfold peacefully. Whitney listened attentively during our prenatal meetings and made both my husband and I feel safe and comfortable.

As a trained doula myself, I knew what I wanted in my own doula. I couldn't have asked for a better home birth experience and Whitney was a huge part of that. She made me sure I was always comfortable, supported, well hydrated and well-fed. She also made sure my husband and mother, who also attended, were cared for.

I will also add (as a trained doula and someone who has given birth successfully at home) - If you think that you only need your birth partner and your midwife, please do reconsider. Having that extra support of a doula, such as Whitney, was vital in making, not only me, but my husband feel confident and relaxed as the labor progressed. I absolutely and wholeheartedly believe that my birth couldn't have happened as it did if it weren't for the presence of a doula. After our baby girl was born (after only 13 hrs of labor - relatively short for a first-time momma), Whitney made me a milkshake and scrambled eggs with toast. She served it to me in bed and tucked me in afterward with my baby, shut off the lights and came back the next day to check on us. I will never forget that! It was one of the best meals of my life. :) Thank you, Whitney!"

- Gretchen R.